Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nephi's Courage

Sorry I did my 1st post then disappeared - our ward was part of a "take 3 wards and make 4" reorganization - but now I'm back doing my favorite calling...primary chorister again! 
So - with some kids knowing June's song and others maybe not knowing it I thought a fun, shiny visual was the order of the day.  So behold: My brass plates!
I'ts pretty easy, gold posterboard cut in 1/2, sharpie for the cover, printed pictures from Here but with a few changes - and I didn't do the chorus - to hard to keep flipping back and forth in my huge brass plates!  I'll show you the chorus later.   
 Since the back of the posterboard is white I hole punched 1 side, taped them together with mailing tape, then hole punch the 2nd.  I used big binder rings - I need to add a 3rd still.

For the 3rd verse I used pictures I had in my files.  Let me tell you about my files.... every General Conference I cut my Ensign's up to use as images for primary.  I have a file box with hanging files labled things like "Children/Youth", "Jesus", "Sacrament", "Blessings", "Prayer", "Scripture Stories" ect.  Then I go through them when creating song visuals.  Saves a ton of colored ink!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

As A Child of God

The only reason this is done so early is because I taught this song at our stake primary leadership training last week.  It's a "lift the flap" or "window" visual - something I haven't done for the primary kids yet.  The bottom 2 pictures are the chorus.  If you can find orange and purple file folders it would be fun to cover those too.  I couldn't find them but I know they're out there.
 Foam board, file folders and page protectors cut shorter, sticky Velcro dots and you're done.  If I had done 1 thing differently, it would be to reinforce the edges (where the ribbon is) with a wide helping of clear mailing tape.  It'll keep the edges from wrinkling as the kids open the windows up.
 The pictures for the 1st verse (I'll post pictures I'm using for verses 2 and 3 in a few weeks.)  I cut the pictures out of my Ensigns while I watch conference every 6 months, and file them in a file box.  It makes putting a song visual together quick and cheap since I don't have to print color pictures.
 This is the back of the poster.  The full size page protector will hold the pictures to the unused verses.  The Velcro dots hold the folder windows open.
Like this.  (I hadn't added the page protector to the back yet when I took this picture.)
So my ideas for this poster:
1. Kids open windows as each section is taught.
2. Pictures can easily be mixed up and kids can put them in the right order
3. Windows can be shut to "quiz" if that picture is learned
4. Mix the pictures up on the board for a verse, have kids place them in order
5. Place the 3 pictures (1 from each verse) that all go in the same spot.  See if the kids can tell you which picture goes with the verse you're singing.
There's lots more you can do with this....hopefully it'll get your ideas going.
When I taught this song for the first time to the leaders at the stake primary training I had them listen for where in the song the title was sung: beginning, middle, or last line.  Then I sang it to them for the first time.  It's the middle, but it's also the very start of the chorus.  We then learned the chorus.  Then I asked if anyone could guess what the 1st picture was from hearing me sing it just once.  Then you can introduce each section, "echo" sing with them while revealing the next picture.  The kids will enjoy opening the windows - and closing them!